Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ping Pong Playaaaa !!! Official Trailer


Mitch Hedberg Tribute

This guy was funny as hell... check it out
Mitchell Lee Hedberg (February 24, 1968 – March 29, 2005)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Airport security in Japan . . . tight

Rumor has it that Jenny was too passionate about her job in airport customs. If you thought it was uncomfortable getting those drugs up there, just wait... it's twice the bitch having it dug out angrily by her... geez, at least buy them a drink first!

"Coughfu !! Beetch ... Coughfuu !!"

Outdoor treehuggers therapy session... WTF is wrong with these hippies !

Hippies Wail for Dead Trees - Watch more free videos
HA HA HA HA HAH !!! HA H HA AH A AH !... oh ... Sorry for all you tree huggers out there, but these attention whores are just down right ridiculous. Yes, Forest conservation is an important issue, I agree. Don't they know that for every tree that gets cut down, companies plant 2 new ones (Oh right.. it takes like hundreds of years for it to grow back, but that's soo not the point here). If these trees can speak, I'm sure they'll say "SHUT THE FUCK UP !!! we're trying to grow, damn you and your socks and sandals... go sing a song or something instead !!!"

Craigslist : Angry Cement Blocks seller...

What kind of customer service is this ?! I urge you all to email this guy and ask him how much the cement blocks cost... much like my favorite high school days activity at the Dollar Store...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ocho Cinco in da House !!!

Is it just me or are all the shit disturbers in the NFL all Receivers ? Terrell Owens, Randy Moss and Chad Johnson... excuse me... I meant Ocho Cinco.

Chad Johnson is no more. It's officially Chad Ocho Cinco in the NFL.

The Cincinnati Bengals announced Thursday that they have begun "the process of listing the former Chad Johnson as Chad Ocho Cinco for all club business, per the legal change of his surname effected in Florida.

"The list of appropriate changes will include Ocho Cinco wearing his new surname on the back of his jersey for Sunday's season opener at Baltimore."

Ocho Cinco officially changed his name to Chad Javon Ocho Cinco in Broward County, Fla., last week. The league had not changed his name on its Web site or the team's Web site.

"It's something I don't think anyone has ever done before," the Pro Bowl receiver told the Bengals' Web site last week. "Have I ever had a reason for why I do what I do? I'm having fun."

Chad Johnson, you fucking clown... why don't you just burn yourself on fire for more attention.

Ass vs Ass.... stare down - Round 1

Let's see, beautiful view.. Checked, warm weather.. Checked, clear water and fine sand.. Checked.. Horny donkey swinging his Louisville Slugger dong back and forth casually 4 steps behind you.. Checked. Wait... that wasn't on the brochure !!!
Those boner donkeys are ruining it for everybody at the beach...

Damn Europeans ! They have the nicest legs !!!

"Maybe he was born with it ....... maybe it's Maybelline"

Breathe taking vacation photos

Even though she has the parenting skills of Britney Spears, no one in the right mind will argue the fact that Zoey's photography skills will literally take your breathe away.

India TV show Slap-a-thon !

I urgently need someone to translate this for me... cause as far as I know, he had made a rather rude comment about her family goat and got the host rather pissed off... and what the HELL is wrong with this guy slapping a woman back anyways... I would've simply settled for kicking her right in the babymaker instead...
Is it just me or does Jerry Spring show suddenly seem kinda lame...

Art .... I don't get it ...

In a desperate attempt to bond with her 2 teenage step sons, Susie decided to give "Paint Balls" a try.... needless to say, they have not communicated ever since.

NSFA = Not Safe For ANYTHING #1.... enjoy !

Hello, ladies...


4am MSN conversation - if you happen to be a fan of Rosie O'Donnel.... Turn away Immediately

pigu says: (3:37:15 AM)
i hate angry feminists

*notle™ loves flan says: (3:38:18 AM)
those hens just want to protest all day long for no good reason

*notle™ loves flan says: (3:40:55 AM)
I like to kick them in the cunt with all my strength and after they go down on their knees in pain...

*notle™ loves flan says: (3:41:07 AM)
slap them across the face as hard as I could with my cock

*notle™ loves flan says: (3:41:51 AM)
it might take a whole lot of repetition until they feel the physical pain with my limp baby shrimp dick

*notle™ loves flan says: (3:42:16 AM)
cause I refuse to give them the satisfaction that I should pop a full erection at their presence

*notle™ loves flan says: (3:43:30 AM)
but I can guarantee you this much... the impact of my flaccid penis against their face will not be felt in terms of physical pain... but sooo sooo much in shame...

*notle™ loves flan says: (3:43:52 AM)
umm..... maybe I do deserve to go to jail... pigu...

pigu says: (3:44:15 AM)
if i had even a shred of human decency i'd be appauled

*notle™ loves flan says: (3:45:52 AM)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

CBC's Hockey Night in Canada Anthem Challenge

The theme to Hockey Night in Canada was written in 1968 by Delores Claman and arranged by Howard Cable. It has been used on Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts ever since. The CBC has been paying Claman, who owns the song's rights about $500 per broadcast. Over the years, that is a huge sum of money for a song hat was written in less than a day. For that one day's work, she has made enough money to live on ever since....

I guess CBC has had enough of that and decided to host a open contest for song writers... Here's an example of an entry by a talented local musician Stewart Hope. VOTE FOR HIM !!!

Desserts that shape like breasts taste better, can't argue with science

Damn you Japan! You win again! Never have I came across something that combined all my life's interest and passion into a perfect package with such flawless harmony and grace until now.

While we're on the subject of pudding titties, can someone explain to me why "Yokohama pudding tits" on the left have a flat buzz cut top while the "Tokyo pudding tits" on the right have such round, perfectly toned and proportioned voluptuous curves that reminded me of that breezy summer afternoon when I first met...(My attorney strongly suggested me to stop continuing to share this thought with you on this blog).

I need (20 servings size) "Flan" like water, like breathe, like rain !

I LOVE Flan puddings so much that I want to marry it in a small wedding on a beach. The only problem I have with this relationship is that they seldom come in sizes greater than... 2 bites. So I pray every night for God to bring me some that comes in the size of sand buckets. And I must take back everything I said about God for the past 29 years. When I woke up today, I realized he DOES exist !

Japan's toy giant Tomy employee displays a pudding of about twenty serving, and its pudding maker "Giga Pudding" at the annual Tokyo International Gift Show on September 3, 2008. Tomy will put it on the market next month as food making toys are now booming in Japan.

THIS has gotta be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen since umm.... normal size Flan pudding.

Oh Giga Pudding.... where have you been all my life ?!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Craigslist makes me smile :) much as Video Games, Starbucks & Blowjobs

Video games and starbucks - m4w

OK, this is the last CL post I will have for today. I just can't pass up on this gem.
Listen to this charmer, I have reasons to believe he could be cooler than Johnny Depp... or David Beckham, at the very least...

Craigslist Job of the day (part deux) !


The future is looking up for me, boys and girls... Only if I knew earlier that this type of service actually costs money, now that I think of it... everyone I know owes me money! I've been providing this service for the past 29 years and nobody pays me a dime !

Craigslist Job of the day !

Seeking Adult Drunk Clown for 30th Birthday party

Does it have a medical plan for your liver transplant ?

Free drinks = Gold

Dignity = Overrated

Michael Phelps is an asshole

Before everyone jumps on his bandwagon... take a look at this video footage and judge for yourself ! What poor sportsmanship. Regardless... I am a Phelps Phan.

Youtube Clip Here.

Latest Memo regarding Thursday's Bukake shoot. Please read, gentlemen.

I can't stress this enough... REMEMBER to complete the green form with the paperwork manager if you cum later than the first 50 !!! You know who you are out there. OK, guys... go to bed early and act like professionals that we are... 7 AM !
P.S. Calvin, No... you can NOT bring your mom to the set this week either.

Girls that are good at sports ruin my life...

I really hate playing sports with girls... People will call you a dick if you dominate them, and if they beat you by some random fluke... everyone laughs at you... So what if I cry about it for the next 2 days, what's your point ?!!
Watch this video, I bet you she's a total bitch ! (childhood anger)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Barney Uncut : One bad ass Tyrannosaurus Rex !

MSN conversation of the day no.2: Man hands, woman nails

*notlé crew™ エルトン says: (12:32:23 PM)
hello... man hands

●◦¨Ŀǟȕȓǟ¨◦ says: (12:33:02 PM)
my hand may be male, but my nails are woman nails

*notlé crew™ エルトン says: (12:33:24 PM)

●◦¨Ŀǟȕȓǟ¨◦ says: (12:33:43 PM)
lol, i dont see whats sooo funny about that XD

*notlé crew™ エルトン says: (12:34:02 PM)

MSN conversation of the day: I hate you all !

*notlé crew™ エルトン says: (3:43:03 PM)
do you have pants on ?

betty says: (3:43:09 PM)

betty says: (3:43:23 PM)
cause i look pretty nice without pants

betty says: (3:46:49 PM)
go on

betty says: (3:46:53 PM)
finish me

*notlé crew™ エルトン says: (3:47:53 PM)
:( that's what all the girls say

betty says: (3:52:00 PM)
i need you to put my pants on

*notlé crew™ エルトン says: (3:52:13 PM)
I hate girls !!

*notlé crew™ エルトン says: (3:52:30 PM)
First they say "Finish me off"... then "I need you to put my pants on"

*notlé crew™ エルトン says: (3:52:35 PM)

Get back to the kitcken, ANNA !!!

And the beer better be cold this time !!!

Diddy says there's no black people in Alaska

Here he goes again... could this be Kanye West episode #2 ?!
Silly Diddy... of course there is a black population in Alaska... apparently, those 3 guys are quite friendly.
You rappers... stay away from politics...

Meez custom Avatar maker

Here is another one of notlé's latest completely useless time waster I found on the net. MEEZ. It's quite addictive, you can pick your own facial features, body type, clothes, accessories and the best of all, over 700 types of animations. We had a wonderful 7,200 seconds together. (for all you out there that's not Asian... that's 2 hours)

And this is what I came up with.... "WHHAATTT?!! YAAAAYYYAAAHHH!!!"
Yes mom... I'm so CRUNK !