Thursday, September 4, 2008

4am MSN conversation - if you happen to be a fan of Rosie O'Donnel.... Turn away Immediately

pigu says: (3:37:15 AM)
i hate angry feminists

*notle™ loves flan says: (3:38:18 AM)
those hens just want to protest all day long for no good reason

*notle™ loves flan says: (3:40:55 AM)
I like to kick them in the cunt with all my strength and after they go down on their knees in pain...

*notle™ loves flan says: (3:41:07 AM)
slap them across the face as hard as I could with my cock

*notle™ loves flan says: (3:41:51 AM)
it might take a whole lot of repetition until they feel the physical pain with my limp baby shrimp dick

*notle™ loves flan says: (3:42:16 AM)
cause I refuse to give them the satisfaction that I should pop a full erection at their presence

*notle™ loves flan says: (3:43:30 AM)
but I can guarantee you this much... the impact of my flaccid penis against their face will not be felt in terms of physical pain... but sooo sooo much in shame...

*notle™ loves flan says: (3:43:52 AM)
umm..... maybe I do deserve to go to jail... pigu...

pigu says: (3:44:15 AM)
if i had even a shred of human decency i'd be appauled

*notle™ loves flan says: (3:45:52 AM)


Bite Me said...

I fucking love you for this, yes you, you cunt! :p

Anonymous said...

if i had even a shred of human decency, i'd be ashamed of this.


Nötlé Crew said...

Jesus loves you... Happy soup day...