Thursday, October 23, 2008

Secret Lamborghinis gararge.... Of course 3 is not enough !!! You welfare peasants !!

GRRRrrrrr !!!! That's like my batcave of porn !!! except it's outdoors...

Red Bull gives your football book picker wings !!

OK, here's the deal.. I will pay twice what you're asking for next week's picks.... can you throw in a bag of whatever you're smoking ?

Damn you Tampa Bay minor league Rays !!

Oh well, at least this happened.. oh man.. that made me laugh..

Come and meet your new neighbour !

What a charming old man, I do respect his brutal honesty... at least he's not a liar... (I think)... ok fine... some people DO belong in jail.

OH YA ?! I bet my Dad can sew better than YOUR DAD !!

Truly awesome outfit... Oh.. and it works for Halloween too... but if I was that kid, I'd just sport this daily... till I turn 21... make fun of him and this bad motherfucker will kill you with his laser !

Inspirational Posters copy writing at it's finest...

Senior care givers for hire - Available 6 to 11pm nightly

Beth and Rose, whatever you do... don't let grandma talk you into giving her alcohol....

The Hawaiian Stevie Wonder... P.H.A.T phat...

What ukulele ?! That's a full size guitar !

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Aids... help control your appetite and let you get back to being skinny !

Don't take diet pills anymore !!.......Thanks Aids !!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Human Tornado (1976) ... this is serious business

I sure hope this film is as exciting as the trailer... minus the :25 black dick rolling down the hill scene.... This crazy black dude hops over walls like those old school kung fu movies... this is better cause he's doing it while sporting an afro..

Go Team !! One for childhood obesity...

Umm.. I feel like a cheese burger... who's in ?
P.S. keep up the good work.. creepy fat kid....

PIMP your PC, episode #6 - Pets on your monitor

Kitty won't stop taunting me with his cat balls... so what if they are 5 times larger than mine ! At least I don't shit in a box of sand !!!

Reason #23 why I miss highschool : Field Trips

Sometimes, you really have to dig deeper if you want the truth...

Nuttiest costume by far....

If someone knows how I can get my hands on these nuts.... let me know. (not in a gay way.. I need something to wear for halloween)