Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Douchebag designer.... wait.. those 2 words don't belong together

So, when was the last time you felt this burning itch to want to just chop someone right across his windpipe ??? Been a while ? well, I nominate this douchebag....

Wojtek says: (12:32:59 PM)
25 years to design it

*nötle says: (12:33:12 PM)
i want to kick this douchbag in the teeth

Wojtek says: (12:33:33 PM)
I want to kick him in the ballz, curb stop him and take a dump in his mouth ... take a picture and make that my business card

*nötle says: (12:34:28 PM)
I wonder what kind of business it is that you are promoting....

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