Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NHL - WTF news of the day : Goalies can be captains now !

OK... WTF... The Vancouver Canucks named goaltender Roberto Luongo as their new captain on Tuesday. NHL rules prevent Luongo from wearing the "C" on his jersey because he's a goalie, but the club is permitted to designate the netminder as their captain.... the thing is... captains' main duties are to be the person that communicates to the referees (but goalies are not allowed to skate to the centre ice between whistles or even during the game)... and also it is a captain's job to take ceremonial bull shit faceoffs... how's Luongo gonna do that... and to top it all off.. he's not allowed to wear the "C" on his jersey. Umm... NHL is really going to be strange this year... The Swedish conehead at the age of 37 isn't accepting a $20 million dollars / 2 years contract.... and the Best goalie in the league is a overweight Fatso (Marty Brodeur) with skinny ass legs... ??!?!?? Weird...

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