Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Doorway to Hell discovered in Antartica... it's actually Cold

So all these years I thought Hell was suppose to be super Hot and stuff... turns out, I was completely wrong (again).
"Condition 1" in Antartica is the worst weather and it's forbidden to leave the base. Even rescue missions are suspended during Condition 1 weather. Note to self: Cancel the Antartica outdoor adventure extravaganza 12 days tour tickets.

Anna says: (11:13:25 PM) jesus thats terrible
pigu says: (11:13:39 PM) holy F#%$
*notlé crew™ says: (11:27:07 PM) I want to play with beach ball outside in that weather
n@%*i says: (11:27:28 PM) can i play with your beach balls

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