Thursday, September 18, 2008

AWESOME.... women want me... men want to BE me...

That's right.. Ladies... knives, guitar hero, pistols, uzi, clips, casette tapes, long luscious hair..... eat your heart out... oh what ?? what is that ? You what a piece of this ?? NONE LEFT FOR YOU ! Leave my Awesome alone !!


Anonymous said...

Clearly this loser is showing off all the cool gear he owns. Let me take inventory:

- 7 x Guns
- Lots o' Bullets
- 2 x Knives
- 2 x Video game guitars
- 1 x mystery item (next to the Uzi)
- 1 x Zexy banana hammock

Snap him up ladies, he's a catch.

- Polishpariah

Nötlé Crew said...

I agree with all the things you have listed there... but I see no loser.